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Tube/Pipe End-Facing Machine

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Tube/Pipe End-Facing Machine

Chan Yin provide stainless steel from sheet to a tube/pipe where accomplish by different segments of machine to making a tube/pipe as forming machine, sizing machine, welding machine, cutting machine, annealing machine, straighten machine, etc. Chan Yin can provide you if want it individually.

The machine can straighten slight the bend tube caused by tube making machine test, manufacturing. The machine is designed for pipe/tube forming machine to make tube straighten and when the pipe/tube is in deform/bended, straighten machine can adjust pipe/tube to the standard straight pipe/tube.

Structure of the Machine :

  1. Loading Table
  2. End-facing Equipment
  3. Output Storage Table
  4. Electric Control System Equipment

Image of Tube/Pipe End-Facing Machine

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